Special missions server enabled for 10 days.

The special missions server has been enabled until 27/10/2022

Game missions can now give either KASH , KPS or the highest 12.000 Exp/Points mission!

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Download Freestyle Football Forever:



Servers back online! Download links updated 23/09/22.

As always, keeping updated the community about what is going on. The migration just started today 23/09/2022 and we are moving each created account to our new server hosting company HostingXF which is sponsored by Steam and Nosetu Inc. All the data is safe and there is nothing to worry about.

The migration should not take more than (7) business days. We will also move our main webhosting to a better one making the website much faster than what is right now.

Currently on the game launcher either if selecting (NORMAL or ALPHA server) it will always redirect to the Alpha server for the simple reason that the Alpha server was easier to migrate because there are less than 500 accounts created, however the Normal Server database is much higher including (+3500 accounts, +10.000 Game matches log history, news, data of kickstube, transfer history log, market web system, and many other stuff which require more time from our development team to completely migrate it all.

The game download links were officially updated today 23-09-2022. In case that you don’t play from steam you are required to redownload the game from the website.

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Football Forever 3: Alpha Server enabled.

Albert Einstein once said: “If you are looking for different results, do not always do the same thing.”

We must confess that we’re looking for different results, after trying for almost 2 years the same way now it’s time to try something different in order to try to increase the player base

NORMAL server:
Today 19/09/2022 the normal server will be unavailable for a while, all the accounts and data are safely stored and we’re migrating everything to the new server provided by our sponsor.

Alpha Freestyle Football Forever 3:
We want to try a new way to encourage old players to log in and play again, that’s why we will take advantage of this small opportunity and enable the Alpha Server while the development team take care to migrate everything to our new servers provided by

Alpha Server Freestyle Football Forever 3:

** Alpha kicks old accounts are available for usage
Instant level max (60) once the character is created
Instant skills unblocked from the beginning
Weekly KASH rewards based on the most actively players on each category (Tackling, Stealing, Assist, Goal, Intercepts, etc…)
** Competitive KASH/KPS/Points matches enabled (#Playforkash #Playforpoints #Playforkps)
** Account creation is available through the game launcher or from the website
** DROP System enabled: After a random match ends it has 50% probabilities to drop (USD$ real money, items, skills, KASH, Normal Points, KPS, Celebrations, and more…)
** SPOT System enabled: In case that you want to join a room you must first request a spot typing #spotme (roomNumber)
** Special Missions: The game has normal missions which are the ones that give only EXP/Points, but there are also special missions which can reward up to 1100 KASH / 12 KPS / 12.000 Normal Points

There is no deadline to this new FFF3 Alpha server, we’ll wait to hear feedback from the community to see how to continue.

Game reinstallation is required in order to avoid any kind of error when opening or running the game.


Football Forever 3 [Powered by]

Play Freestyle Football Forever 3 on NO-Steam:

Join our forum, watch out the ‘EVENTS’ section where you can participate in our weekly tournaments.

Best regards,
FFF3 Team

Uncategorized Community our new forum

We believe this is a big step to make the game more famous, Nosetu is a international community with players all over the world, they are now our official Sponsor and we have now a section dedicated specially for FFF3.

The website, kicks market, lottery, ticket system, and all the functions are working, make sure you use the following link:

New forum provided by our Sponsor Nosetu:

Events section:

We suggest you to create a new account in the forum, game accounts were not affected and everything keeps working normal as usual.

Best regards,
FFF3.IO Team


FreestyleFootball Forever 3 Game Patch 19.0 (NEW SKILL ADDED)

A new game skill has been added, the game name has been changed, solved minor bugs in-game and website. All the info here!

Here is a list with the recent change made:

* AMS: New skill has been added into the game shop Steal Counter (It Performs a strong steal & catch the ball)
* Training prices have been lowered
* New spot system with game chat commands: #spotlist – #spotme – #brb
* Command #sendpoints is now only available to use if your character is level 30 or higher
* Fixed the website log in issue when trying to access to the account
* Fixed the launcher error when opening it
* Fixed the amount of online players not displaying correctly in the launcher
* Special skills on the kicks market web shop have been removed
* Forum link changed to
* Game name changed to Freestyle Football Forever

New web domains:

You can also use the old domains as well:

The new skill can be purchased only if your AM have more than 500 matches.


Welcome to Freestyle Football Forever

Welcome to FFF3.IO, we will continue hosting and providing the same game fun that kicks has been received in the latest years and cover all the costs, the game name is now FFF3.

Discord server:

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